The Tangerine Exchange alto falls in price, and stocks with a price of less than 50 are more likely to increase in price

Trends do not rise and fall randomly; Stocks will never change from positive to negative over a 5-10 tangerine change. They go up to maximum price and then the trend is to go to a minimum price. Only the max and min number is variable. Usually, the trend changes at ~<30 and ~>70, but it is not that uncommon for the price to get as low as 10 or as high as around 90. After 50 multiverses, I have never seen the trend change between 40-60. This makes the insider trading perk somewhat useful.

Perks Edit

The Insider Trading perk provides a plus and minus sign next to stocks to indicate the trend. It does not predict the immediate next number, just how the stock is doing in general.

Achievements Edit

There are 7 achievements associated with the exchange:

  • Transaction Satisfaction - Complete 100 transactions on The Tangerine Exchange
  • TransAction Man - Complete 1,000 transactions on The Tangerine Exchange
  • Check Out my Gains Bro! - Gain a million tangerines via The Tangerine Exchange
  • That's a Loss Boss - Lose a million tangerines via The Tangerine Exchange
  • Power Trader - Get 1 million tangerines without buying any buildings(buildings include bushes, trees, etc.)
  • Super Power Trader - Get 1 billion tangerines without buying any buildings (buildings include bushes, trees, etc)
  • Hardcore Trader - Get 1 e^20 tangerines without buying any buildings (buildings include bushes, trees etc)

Strategy Edit

  • A common strategy is to buy whenever stocks drop below 30 and sell whenever stocks go above 70.
  • Keep in mind that the maximum price for all 5 commodities is 100
  • Pay attention to whether each stock is trending up or down. If the stock you own is trending up, while a cheaper stock is trending down, you want to wait for the cheaper stock to bottom out before you buy it.
  • Until you have Insider Trading perks, you won't know for sure when a stock has bottomed out until it starts trending upward. Ideally, you'll correctly guess where the bottom is and buy then. It's okay to miss it, though; as long as you're buying stock that's cheap and rising, you'll be making profit.