Milestones are when you get a certain number of tangerines. There are 8 milestones, 7 of which have achievements associated with them.

Milestones Edit

The milestones are, in order:

50,000 Tangerines

1 Million Tangerines

100 Million Tangerines

1 e^10 Tangerines

1 e^20 Tangerines

1 e^50 Tangerines

1 e^100 Tangerines

Extinction (Kill all people)

Achievements Edit

50K Speed Challenge (50K tangerines in 15 mins)

1M Speed Challenge (1M tangerines in 30 mins)

1 e^10 Speed Challenge (1 e^10 tangerines in 2 hrs)

1 e^20 Speed Challenge (1 e^20 tangerines in 12 hrs/ 1/2 day)

1 e^50 Speed Challenge (1 e^50 tangerines in 48 hrs / 2 days)

1 e^100 Speed Challenge (1 e^100 tangerines in 240 hrs / 10 days)

Thoughtless (Cause the entire human race to die)

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